1. Greetings, I haven’t visited the place yet but I read a lot of info on Facebook about the place and had a great conversation with the owner, Mr. Vicks which was very informative, intriguing, and interesting which made my inquiring mind wanting to know more so my daughter and I will be visiting in the future to inquire about a family gathering.

    1. The Vicks Estate would be a wonderful place to have a family gathering! Not only is Clinton a talented chef, but he provides ample entertainment and is a wealth of knowledge about the area. He is warm and welcoming, and focuses on ensuring his guests have a superb experience. I hope you have an opportunity to visit!

    1. You will have a wonderful time! Clinton is an amazing host and knows so much about the local civil rights history of the area as well as the farming heritage. I have no doubt you will enjoy your time there!

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