Barlow’s Foods: Pancakes with a Purpose

Whether in the kitchen or around a table, Tiffani Neal, founder and creator of Atlanta-based Barlow’s Foods, gives us delicious, wholesome reasons to take back our mornings. Her company’s breakfast staples are an ode to the way breakfast once was – pure, simple and centered on family.

Sometimes the sweetest memories lead to the greatest inspiration.

For Tiffani Neal, founder and creator of Atlanta-based Barlow’s Foods, nostalgic mornings with her grandfather Arthur “Barlow” Harris are a catalyst for creativity in the kitchen and the foundation for her packaged foods company that produces pancake mixes and small-batch syrups.

Inspired by the company’s support for United States veterans and intrigued by its commitment to using organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, I reached out to Tiffani to learn more about her business. What she shared is a testament to her family’s legacy – and a reminder that many of life’s most precious moments are shared around the table.

Those who know her well may say it’s no surprise she spends Veterans Day at Fire Station No. 1 in Decatur, Georgia, serving a pancake breakfast to local veterans courtesy of Barlow’s Foods.

“My grandfather Barlow was a farmer and worked in agriculture for the majority of his life. But he was also a U.S. Army veteran. He served to honor and protect. At Barlow’s Foods, we honor his legacy by supporting veterans and their families. It’s such an important part of what we believe,” says Tiffani. 

Barlow’s Foods donates 2% of online purchases to Feed Our Vets, a non-profit that aims to close the hunger gap for those who have served. To date, Barlow’s has assisted in feeding more than 50,000 veterans and their families and the numbers are growing.

Tiffani likes to do things the way her grandfather did. That’s why giving back to those who have served is as central to her company’s mission as producing high-quality breakfast staples using simple, clean ingredients.

“We honor Barlow’s agricultural contributions through our use of better-for-you ingredients. I’ve always been a clean eater. I believe you can make so much for so little simply by using pure, basic ingredients,” says Tiffani, a foodie and self-proclaimed chef. “My grandfather took the same approach to farming – cleaner is better.”

It’s rare to find a better-for-you option that doesn’t compromise on taste, and Tiffani makes the point that many food products considered healthy aren’t always good for you. It’s all about marketing the product as a healthier option, but a deeper look into the quality of the ingredients says otherwise.

“We want Barlow's to be synonymous with breakfast. It's important to me that our family has a tangible reference to success and to build upon our heritage."

Tiffani Neal's Sweet Potato Pancakes: Delicious, easy to make at home and perfect for a cool fall morning.

Quality is a critical differentiating factor for Tiffiani, who relocated to Atlanta from California more than a decade ago for a fresh start in a new locale. It was in her Atlanta kitchen that the concept for Barlow’s Foods was born.   

“A friend of mine was over for breakfast and I made pancakes – these amazing pancakes that everyone has always enjoyed – but I never thought too much about it until this particular friend was so impressed with my pancakes that he was literally licking the plate,” recalls Tiffani, who went to school for architecture and design and has always been an entrepreneur at heart. “After all those years of making my pancakes, suddenly it became clear that I had to create a pancake mix. I didn’t know why and it sounded crazy, but it just clicked.” 

As a former business owner, Tiffani was well-versed in starting her own company … but food production? That was a whole other story. She started researching the business side of food production and making samples of dry pancake mix in her home kitchen. She sent them to everyone she knew – family, her grandmother, her friends. She wanted honest feedback and they happily obliged. As she completely immersed herself in the process of developing the perfect pancake mix, coming up with a name for her business was weighing on her. 

“I knew I wanted the name to be something of significance and have personal meaning. A photo of my grandfather Barlow happened to be on my desk when I was writing down all of these weird potential business names,” she laughs. “He was known in his community for farming and yet he wasn’t able to own the land he tended or to any of the livestock he cared for. We’ve never really had anything in the way of generational wealth or assets that have been passed down. So when I saw his picture I decided to name my business after my grandfather.”

From there, the pieces started to fall into place. “I felt that perhaps I was finally doing exactly what I was meant to do,” she says.

That was in 2018. Today, big things are happening for Barlow’s Foods but the journey hasn’t been without challenges. The company’s growth to date reflects Tiffani and her team’s hustle and commitment to operating with integrity and a sense of purpose. 

Barlow’s Foods is heavily present in the southeastern United States and the company is expanding. In September, Barlow’s Foods launched on QVC, selling 1,400 products in 8 minutes. Tiffani also appeared on Season 2 of of Bet on Black, a reality series on REVOLT TV in partnership with Target, where Black entrepreneurs from across the country battle it out for a chance to win a grand prize of $200,000.

“We want to be the obvious choice for breakfast. Growing up, I remember eating or having certain things that are now iconic brands you find in the store or see featured in movies. That brand recognition triggers memories of a certain time period. That’s what I want – for Barlow’s to be synonymous with breakfast,” says Tiffani. “I don’t want my grandfather’s legacy to be in vain. It’s important to me that our family has a tangible reference to success and to build upon our heritage.”

As the granddaughter, niece and sister of those who have served, I’m proud to support Tiffani and the Barlow’s Foods mission to give back to veterans with every purchase. To learn more, visit or find Barlow’s products available in stores near you.

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