Little Village Artisan Goods: A Taste of Lebanon at Home

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Many of us know the comfort that comes with a taste of home, whether down the street, across state lines or overseas. So when Tampa, Florida-based Farrah Mansour and her husband couldn’t find a taste of their native Lebanon here in the South, they saw an opportunity to bring a taste of Lebanon to us – and I’m so glad they did.

From premium extra-virgin olive oil to pomegranate molasses and wild sumac, Little Village Artisan Goods leans on Lebanese traditions for the cultivation, harvesting and production of their small-batch goods. Always a curious home cook, I ordered two products, the Zaatar & EVOO spread and Premium EVOO, both of which were of such taste and quality that they inspired this Za’atar Carrot and Quinoa Pilaf recipe.

Here’s what to know about my experience with Little Village Artisan Goods.

Little Village had me at hello. Shipping was fast and the order arrived with a handwritten note, which gets me every time. PSA to my independent creators out there: if you’re not sending handwritten notes with your customer orders, you should start. Bonus that it included a discount code for my next order.  

The extra-virgin olive oil is liquid gold. Little Village’s Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is mild in intensity and goes down smooth. While I’m no sommelier, there’s a distinct quality of flavor that sets this product apart – and for good reason. The early-harvest, cold-pressed EVOO is sourced from a certified organic farmer and produced with handpicked olives.

The spice profiles are unrivaled. Good luck finding a sustainably sourced product that boasts the authentic flavors of Lebanon like Little Village’s Zaatar & EVOO. This product combines traditional za’atar spice blend with the company’s extra-virgin olive oil for a versatile spread that can serve as a drizzle, dip or seasoning for meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. 

The products are approachable. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be intimidating. With ingredients like zhourat, sumac, carob and wild rose, one can be forgiven for feeling uncertain. I find the product descriptions to be sufficient for beginners as well as home cooks well-versed in creating Mediterranean-inspired fare.

Little Village Artisan Goods

People in food and farming are doing incredible things. We're proud to shine a spotlight on Little Village Artisan Goods.

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  1. Omgoodness I just found this and loved your review and your words about our story and values! Hope you get to try our other products!

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