Editorial Integrity Statement


As a classically educated journalist and professional communicator, I understand the critical importance of maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, honesty, inclusivity, integrity, reliability, impartiality and transparency. I adhere to strict standards for the sourcing of article content.

On this website and in content contributed to external media and publications, I adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which “strives to ensure ethical free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough.” To the best of my ability, all statements, statistics, facts and figures on this website are backed by research. I do not publish information that I can’t independently and confidently verify. My sources are cited and I conduct fact checks prior to publishing. An exception to this are posts in which I express my personal opinions.

I aim for authenticity. I do not work with guest contributors – all content is created by me for the purposes of this website. Brand collaborations, product reviews and sponsored content for which I am compensated is clearly stated. Conflicts of interest, including personal, professional and financial, are disclosed as such. Content created in partnership with outside organizations and brands is clearly and prominently stated. 

The original photography on this website is owned by Sweet New Roots, LLC, unless otherwise noted. On occasion, images are purchased or sourced and are appropriately attributed.

Original recipes featured by Sweet New Roots are specially curated and rigorously tested. Recipes submitted by outside entities are always attributed to the source and tested in the Sweet New Roots kitchen to ensure they work for everyday home cooks.

If you have a topic or recipe you’d like me to cover, questions, or you notice the need for an additional fact check, please email me at [email protected] or get in touch here.

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