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Welcome to Sweet New Roots.

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Cortney ...

… a writer, traveler, wine enthusiast and plant-forward home cook. 

My passions for food and travel have led me to incredible places. Think Taiwan’s high-mountain tea region, Balinese rice fields, the citrus farms of South Korea’s Jeju Island,  sprawling California wine estates and Upstate New York cideries.

I’ve devoured pastizzi in Malta and black pineapple in Antigua, made kimchi in Seoul, explored Kuala Lumpur’s night markets, harvested wheat in Oklahoma, met the maple of my dreams in Vermont and learned to make authentic molè in Mexico. 

The best part? I meet the most amazing people along the way. 

That’s what Sweet New Roots is all about: a celebration of food and the people who cultivate it, prepare it and eat it. I hope you’ll be inspired by the stories and recipes I’ve created just for you

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Hey! I’m Cortney.
Welcome to Sweet New Roots!

I hope these recipes and resources inspire you to get creative in your kitchen. Let’s get cooking!

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