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Hey there!

Welcome to Sweet New Roots.

I’m Cortney, a professional writer and editor, home cook and curious consumer. My most important roles are wife to David, dog mama to our sweet Yorkshire Terrier, Magnolia, and, of course, founder of Sweet New Roots, LLC. 

Sweet New Roots is all about elevating the foods that make us feel our best. Naturally, the types of foods that make us feel our best are also the best for our health and wellness. Think fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, herbs, whole grains, nuts and seeds, among many others.

The plant-forward recipes developed in the Sweet New Roots kitchen put plants at the center. That doesn’t mean there’s no meat, fish, eggs or dairy. The goal here isn’t to eliminate entire food groups or force your family to conform to a certain diet or lifestyle. 

Simply put, Sweet New Roots encourages progress (never perfection) toward creating healthy, approachable, plant-forward meals that you and your family will enjoy time and time again.

In addition to plant-forward recipes, Sweet New Roots provides resources featuring some of the nation’s foremost authorities on plant-centric nutrition, encouragement to keep pushing forward in your journey to better health, and an environment of support. 

Understanding where our food comes from and how it impacts our health has long been a passion of mine. In 2012, I completed a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University’s executive education program in partnership with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies. Since that time, whole foods have played an important role in how I cook. You’ll also find that I pull experience from more than 15 years as a healthcare communicator. (Read more about those experiences in my professional profile.)

I’m so glad to be sharing this journey with you. I hope the stories and recipes you read here inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen and to consider from where and what you eat – and why it matters.

Sweet things are ahead! I hope you’ll drop by often.

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Cortney Sparkman
Writer & Editor | Founder, Sweet New Roots